Mission Statement

Problem Statemet. We thrive not only because of our exceptional intelligence but also our exceptional drive to innovate. Time after time, we leverage unconventional ideas and creative techniques to break conventional rules and explore the unknown. Through an innovative process, we create objects far beyond our imagination. However, our contemporary society moves at an increasingly rapid pace, with its motive in monetizing existing technology oftentimes eclipsing our drive to innovate.

Solution. Lun Tan aims to solve this problem with a dichotomous process. Lun Tan consists of a workshop series aimed at facilitating technological innovation, and an incubator program aimed at introducing its participants to investors and companies.

Workshops. Lun Tan’s workshop series is a collaborative process aiming to create a safe environment for its participants, ranging from diverse and exceptional academic backgrounds, to actively engage in interdisciplinary conversations across the technology sector. In Chinese, “Lun Tan” is a homophone to the word “forum”, in hope of reflecting the purpose of Lun Tan – to improve during the process of discussion and exploration.

Incubator Program. Lun Tan’s incubator program introduces prospects in our workshop program to a wide range of different opportunities in industry. Our incubator program helps with various issues such as job/talent search, startup incubation, and startup funding. Through our workshop series and its associated incubator program, we aim to bridge the gap between young academic talents and inventors with organizations seeking to identify these talents.