Lun Tan is a winter workshop in technology and an associated startup incubator. Lun Tan is a community of exceptional college students in STEM and an environment where free exploration and boundless creativity take place through collaborative efforts. Participants in the Lun Tan winter program take part in a 7-day endeavor, during which they take part in the presentation and refinement of STEM-related academic research or innovative work. In addition, the incubator aspect of Lun Tan serves as a platform that connects its participants to various resources such as tech companies, startups, and investors. Our incubation period begins in winter and will continue through the summer, consisting of a series of academic seminars, workshops, and creative projects. Lun Tan hosts a 7-day workshop in the beginning of its incubation period. To ensure continued progress, Lun Tan will schedule workshops, ranging from 3 to 14 days in length, during the incubation period. Teams will present their work to the community, investors, and corporate representatives during the last workshop and start the next cycle of incubation.


Lun Tan’s winter program is run by an organizing committee and area chairs. The organizing committee is responsible for event planning, budget, and the logistics of organizing a winter retreat in Beijing. The area chairs are responsible for peer-reviewing artifact submissions in their respective fields, in an effort to create an academic experience for all of Lun Tan’s participants.


STEM and its interdisciplinary applications.

Time & Location

12.21-12.27, 2020
Beijing, P. R. China