Lun Tan’s workshop series aims to facilitate the creation of an active, ongoing academic conversation among exceptional rising talents in STEM. Through our workshop series, participants undergo academic discourse in efforts to collaboratively improve their projects. Participants interested in our incubation program will be referred to our incubator.

During its year long incubation cycle, Lun Tan will hold various activities with different themes, with the goal of introducing STEM talents and original innovations to interested companies and investors. In our incubation cycle, Lun Tan will continue to provide career opportunities and incubation resources for participants, further connecting talented students and influential companies.

Winter Workshop

In winter, Lun Tan will hold a week-long academic workshop. During the week-long activity, Lun Tan brings more than 50 exceptional students and to create an environment in which participants are given sufficient time and resources to explore, create, and collaborate.. Participants will host and attend academic talks, work in teams to work on academic research or innovative projects, and have fireside chats. At the end of the workshop, participants will present their projects and findings in groups..

Spring Incubation Program

Lun Tan will hold an incubation program in spring. We will invite talents and projects from our community and provide an environment with sufficient resources for members to keep on progressing in their projects. Our program is organized in sessions. Support and resources will be provided for further project development after the conclusion of each session. Meanwhile, Lun Tan will constantly reevaluate each project to ensure the quality of our project pool.

Summer Summit

In summer, Lun Tan will hold a technology summit to showcase our projects. All project teams will come together to finalize their business plans, rehearse their final presentations, and connect with other teams three to four days before the showcase.